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what flies with JPlovesCOTTON Years ago I found a friend put up a page on sort of the rules of his blog. The blog is long past, but his impact is still felt as he prompted me to write a version of it. I want this to be a place where I can soar as can the people who choose to visit the site…. but sometimes I have noticed someone comes by and enters the no fly zone either inadvertently or on purpose. There is lots of open sky, but the sky here has a few things that may appear cloudy. Hope this clears it up!

Advertising – There are lots of times & places for advertising.  For now, I didn’t pursue advertising for a really long time because I wanted content to stay center stage and hadn’t found the right way to monetize for me.  I loved that about WordPress.com and have decided to carry it over to this site for the first nine years! In 2018, I decided to monetize. I’ve done product reviews done sparingly, I’ll only accept those which I think fit my blog, my audience and the brand. And I’m putting on some advertising. I want to keep content front and center but also hope I can help pay for the hosting, the other things like paid plug-ins, etc. cause it’s gotten expensive. If you guys start making me rich, it will be totally unexpected but the thank yous will be coming!

Comment Guidelines – I love it when I can write something that provides a reason to leave a comment — I hope the people who read the things I post have ideas they want to share as well so I use creative commons rules.  For me, blogs are, at the core, a way to express individual experiences and opinions.  Feel free to disagree or agree — I enjoy debate.  That said, moderating comments can be a necessary evil at times though I don’t want to make a habit of it.  The guidelines I use in deciding what to post are 1) is the language appropriate & respectful? 2) does the comment relate to the topic(s) discussed?   If my mom would think there is a personal attack in your comment, doubt you’ll see it posted.  If my niece shouldn’t read the kind of words you use, again, it will probably go into a holding cell.  Oh and at a certain point, understanding people may disagree, I may limit the comments when time or number become overwhelming.

Copyright – If you’d like to include some of the information I have here, I would like to request you make proper attribution and link. The time I take writing this blog is my personal time that I value. Please use common courtesy by reposting only part of my post with comments from you to add to the discussion — I do not allow for reposting in total without advanced permission. Feel free to ask and we can talk it through. There may be some information I include here and attribute to others I try to honor their wishes. Of course, I don’t have any claim to copyright to the pieces others write. That’s all them.

Guest Posts – I think it is rockin’ to have some guest posts!  I’ve only had a few but welcome additional posts. In fact, I have a “guest perspective” category with a focus on posts about individuals writing about a favorite cotton item. And I enjoy writing for others at times.  If you’d like to propose a piece for me, I’d ask you to follow similar guidelines as requested for comments — appropriate language and subject matter are required. I may not agree with all of the thoughts or opinions in these posts but I respect their right to those thoughts & opinions. I will seek out various perspectives to post here but in the end, I can refuse to post too. If you want to get in touch, you have lots of options for ways to contact me.

Privacy —Feel free to sign up for a subscription, or leave your email address for comments, etc. I WILL NOT sell any information to third parties nor will I start sending you things you don’t want regularly. Putting your email address in on this site means it is for the use you provided and nothing else. Here is the detailed privacy policy for the site.

Not Business Communication – This blog is a personal channel of expression and does not represent official communications from my employer, Monsanto Company or any other entity.  The views expressed herein and of guest authors do not necessarily reflect the my views, those of the company or of any other individual employee.  It also doesn’t mean that my family or friends agree — I’m lucky to have a big tent of people I call my family and friends.  I love that we can have discussions about what we are passionate about and better understand each other.

I reserve the right to amend, append or otherwise modify these policies. 


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